Fondazione Aldo Morelato

Theme of International Competition

 “Aldo Morelato Foundation” on applied art in the furniture sector.


The Significant Furniture  2016/2017

13th biennal edition

“Convivial spaces”

furniture elements for public spaces


 Art. 1 Theme of the competition

There is an increasing attention to the definition of the "character" of places for public spaces. The added value which Italian design has been able to develop within home spaces is now focalizing on places in which to develop group activities ranging from dining and hospitality facilities to public areas for leisure and for work.

A large sector where design could help develop and improve our relation with objects and tools.

The competition is open to designers and students. Like in previous editions, the aim of the Prize is the enhancement of contemporary art furniture in relation to the Morelato production.

The Foundation invites all participants – professionals and students-, to develop a project, which analyzes a public space and develops furniture elements and tools, which stimulate the established or new reactions and dynamics to animate public spaces

The Foundation is committed to the enhancement of furniture as “art” and therefore suggests to direct the project towards objects that valorize woodwork and natural materials.

The project should be part of a reflection on the current trends and act as a response to the identified new requirements regarding public spaces as an innovative solution to offer to the market and not only as a stylistic exercise.


The competition with two distinct prizes is open to professional designers from Italy and abroad as well as to students from different school types (Academies, ISIA, Universities and is restricted to INEDITED projects.