Fondazione Aldo Morelato

Sound Art Orchestra

The Sound Art Orchestra was founded with the common intention of both the President of the Foundation and myself to unite a group of musicians with the aim of proposing the sound of the great big bands of the past by means of “sound research and at the same time of giving the orchestra a precise personal and distinct identity

I thought it was possible to implement all this proposing the musicians of the orchestra the idea that I had been considering for years, that is to say not only to deal with a repertoire based on the famous traditional big band songs but focusing in particular on the study of the arrangements of an orchestra from the past, different from all the others, formally perfect, as a high precision mechanism, which has always aroused strong emotions in me. I am referring to the Stan Kenton Orchestra.

Perfection and originality were reached by Stan Kenton, in my opinion, not only thanks to his work as a director and the presence of great musicians in his orchestra but also in large part thanks to the extraordinary uniqueness of the proposed arrangements. He had a strong influence on all subsequent and contemporary big bands, which led to what I would call a genre of “Symphonic Jazz”,

Although the project may seem ambitious to say the least, I can say with absolute peace of mind that in this first period of activity the Sound Art Orchestra has been able to fully meet my expectations. I wish to thank the Aldo Morelato Foundation heartily for hosting us at the beautiful Villa Dionisi and the musicians who participated with enthusiasm and professionalism in this cultural initiative. I wish everyone a future full of artistic satisfaction.