Fondazione Aldo Morelato

The prizes

Since quite some time the Aldo Morelato Foundation has organized the Significant Furniture  Competition indicating annually a project theme related to different environmental contexts: from waiting places, to working placers..

The jury, composed of prominent experts and theorists of design each time have honored pieces that have been implemented on the prototype stage and which are going to enrich the Museum’s collection at present exhibited at Villa Dionisi. Each piece has its history even if short, and is a vehicle for values and significance which refer to the different events (seminars in June) linked to the annual Prize. 




 IN-, Zulema Josa & Gastón Gil, 2016/2017 
Clover, Mariya Dlugoborskaya, 2015
Metamorfosi, Pietro Barcaccia, 2014
Ceppo, Marco Fiorentino, 2013
Broken Table, Patrizia Bertolini, 2012
 Premio 2011

BALOCCO (mensole componibili) Giuseppe di Serafino, 2011

REAR WINDOW, Roberto Rubini, 2010
BECOMING NARCOLEPTIC, D.A.Rossi, J.A.Wray, A.Farlie, 2009
MORESCO, Ettore Soffientini, 2008
LOUIS XXI, Francesco Cappuccio, 2007
BARCA, FINCHE' LA BARCA VA, ... Friso Dijkstra, 2006
THOLOI, Fabio Vinella, 2005
SAGOME, Giulia Semeghini, 2004
VILLANOVESE, Fabio Carone, 1996
METAFISICO, S.Salerno, S.Garofalo, D.Loporto, 1996
ROCCO, Davide De Muro, 1996