Fondazione Aldo Morelato


Opera Clover, by Mariya Dlugoborskaya, San Pietroburgo (RU), winner of the 12th edition witn the theme: “Relaxation spaces 2.0”, Furniture elements for home relaxation. Reasons of the jury: for a chair with three different positions, which give the object great flexibility
and versatility in use with respect to various situations of habitability and comfort.


CLOVER is a chair, which offers a multitude of configurations, ensuring an overall maximum comfort. By rotating the structure in fact the model is transformed into a relaxing day bed with different inclinations or in a comfortable chair with a backrest of different heights.
CLOVER is a cozy, functional solution, characterized by great versatility and flexibility that makes it easily adaptable to any domestic space. The project, as suggested by the translation of the name "Clover", thanks to clean its forms is perfect and linear in every angle.