Fondazione Aldo Morelato


by Patrizia Bertolini, winner of the ninth Edition of the International Competition "Significant Furniture” with the theme: domestic places, furniture elements for conviviality spaces.
Coffee table made of ash wood in coffee color . (Φ 60 h.55/72)
Produced by Morelato (2012)

"It is a 'table for singles' with a height of the top that varies from table to table for living room.
The name is inspired by his 'cut' leg and alludes to the breakdown of emotional relationships with their consequences.
It's small enough not to take up too much space but big enough to have a meal comfortably, even in front of the TV.
The small size and double functionality of the table are designed considering the small spaces in which singles often live.
With a 180 ° rotation of the top, it lowers to a height of 45 cm and can be used as a living room table. "

Patrizia Bertolini