Lun 01 Ott 2018

Curated by Manon Comerio
MAAM Museo delle Arti Applicate del Mobile
Villa Dionisi, Cà del Lago 70, Cerea (Vr)
10 – 18 October 2018
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NANNI BALESTRINI(Frittelli arte contemporanea) |IVAN BARLAFANTE (Galleria Michela Rizzo)
LUIGI CARBONI(Galleria Poggiali) | MARCELA CERNADAS (Galleria Michela Rizzo)
LETIZIA CARIELLO(Galleria Michela Rizzo) | PAOLO COTANI (Mazzoleni)
ANDREA FRANCOLINO(Frittelli arte contemporanea)
PAOLO MASI(Frittelli arte contemporanea) | RUBEN MONTINI (Prometeogallery)
DAVID REIMONDO(Mazzoleni) | MARIANO SARDÓN (Artericambi) | FABIO VIALE (Galleria Poggiali)


When Valéry wrote his Faust, his concern was to introduce in the story a little "truth, nothing of life, of flesh ..." If life and the body are absent from the text, he reasons, the truth has no object: it no longer exists."... many years later Louise Bourgeois states “…I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands…” explaining that the thought in which the body is removed, is the thought which renounces experience, and with this, all capital questions  on love, suffering, on death, on happiness are denied. This thought has lost any ethical dimension, any relationship with good and evil. It is an obtuse kind of wisdom, as it has no wounds. These works of art tell us about aspects of our perception of the world that art seemed to have precluded for a long time. The pure emotionality of objects. Their telling us about the un-representable through litanies that reverberate and find their home in the halls of Villa Dionisi. Among these pieces, the intuitive knowledge reigns supreme. The awareness that what we experience with our body, while making or doing something, can create a deep sense in our relationship with the things of the world. A path that appears to us as an extreme attempt to resist the dogmas and logical, normative and rational exercises of scientific and positivist thought.

MAAM, the Museum for Applied Arts in Furniture, founded by the Aldo Morelato Foundation collects at its headquarters in Villa Dionisi, experimental and unique pieces of design and of art furniture, produced by the Morelato Company. Under the direction of the architect Ugo La Pietra, the collection is each year enriched with new pieces, designed by the winners of the "International Competition on Applied Art in Furniture" organized by the Aldo Morelato Foundation in cooperation with the Morelato Company. Since June 2009, the MAAM has been part of the "Museum network" headed by The Triennale Design Museum Foundation in Milan.

Date: from 10 to  18 ottobre 2018
Location: MAAM Museo delle Arti Applicate del Mobile
Address: Villa Dionisi, Cà del Lago 70, Cerea (Vr)
Opening hours: every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.